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What to expect

New Patient Paperwork

Completing this paperwork helps us gain a comprehensive understanding of your health history, including any traumas or injuries that might be contributing to your health problems.

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Office Tour

Once you're in the office, we will give you a full tour of the office, explaining what we do, how we do it and why.



During our consultation, we will sit down one-on-one and dive deep into how we can help and your goals for care. We personalize care to each person and want to make sure we assess any concerns pertaining to your health and healing journey. 

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Diagnostic Imaging

We don't guess with your health. We will take any X-rays necessary so we can gather the most detailed information possible. This will allow us to adjust you to you, and give you the most appropriate care.

Detailed Report of Findings

At this point we will sit down and go over the findings from your exam and x-rays, followed by a game-plan for how we can help.

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Begin your health journey

Start care and begin the road to health! We pride ourselves on not being a "bandaid fix", which means healing can take time. We will work together continuously to track your progress and make sure you are not only getting relief, but structural correction that lasts. 

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